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Plori Apartment & Studios & Rooms Amorgos

Plori Apartment & Studios & Rooms Amorgos

Plori accommodation on Amorgos offers you a unique opportunity to experience traditional Greek village life in the picturesque mountain village of Tholaria just above the port of Aegiali.

The accommodation consists of 3 personal designed comfortable and spacious studios and apartments for 2-5 persons. The rooms has veranda with fantastic views over the sea, the mountains and Tholaria. All studios are full equipped with all the facilities you need for a relaxing vacation.

The owner Eva, who speaks Greek, English and French, welcomes you to stay in her apartments which is located in a peaceful and beautiful area of Tholaria. She great you with hospitality and offers you local specialties so that you not only have a comfortable stay but also a taste of the local life.

xoreftisBut our big number one is the village of Tholaria in the north. You can stay here at Plori Suites, and enjoy the quiet village life.
There’s a couple of Kafeneio in this village, often a combi of a traditional cafe with small bazaar. Inside there’s old wooden floors and high ceilings with all sorts of stuff you can buy, from cigarettes to a kilo of sugar. Locals are sitting outside, drink coffee or later in the afternoon a beer or glass of raki. Read more…

Classe Touriste 18 of May 2014
By: Debbie Pappyn, journalist at Demorgen Belgium

Tholaria Aegiali Amorgos island Cyclades GreeceTholaria is a genuin Greek village whit narrow alleys and traditional white washed houses. The locals still lives mostly from traditional trades and they are well known for their hospitality.
The village has several kafeneon and taverns where they serve food from local products in very nice and friendly atmosphere. Tholaria is for instance known to have the best fava (lentils) growth in the whole of Greece because of the soil. There is also a supermarket where you can find everything from paint, groceries, utensils or sit down for a coffee or dinner.

Aegiali port and beach on Amorgos island - Cyclades GreeceAegiali the nearest port is from our accommodation. It’s a charming bay area with a sandy beach and a variety of restaurants, shops and bars.

The area also offers you a lot of nice walking and sites. You can for instance visit Theologos an early Byzantine church about 1 ½ hour walk from Langada which is built on the site of an ancient temple in beautiful surroundings or the ancient Vigla in Tholaria.

Amorgos island Cyclades GreeceAmorgos island Cyclades Greece is an island of ancient civilization which is located in the middle of the Aegean sea in the eastern Cyclades. Amorgos the island of the Big Blue has inspired a lot of artists all around the world with its pure and dramatic nature, the transparent blue water and the picturesque villages where people still keep alive the old traditions.

The breathtaking scenery are full of beautiful walks, flowers and herbs. Here you will find ancient culture, outdoor recreation and hospitality in a relaxing atmosphere.

Amorgos-Walking-Walks-Hike-GreeceAmorgos with its breathtaking scenery are full of beautiful walking paths with flowers and herbs. You will find walking tracks for all levels. From our accommodation you can easily access a lot of interesting and scenic walks. Below follows some ex of walking paths:

  • Tholaria – Ancient Vigla
    Just outside the village of Tholaria.
  • Tholaria – Mikri Glifada
    The ravine of Mikri Glifada where you can be alone and swim in the clear waters.
  • Tholaria – Aegiali
    A nice path down to the beach and the port of Aegiali.
  • Tholaria – Langada – Aegiali
    Walk around the mountains side of the valley of Aegiali. You can start in Tholaria passing throw the picturesque villages Stroumbos and Langada. You can also just choose to walk some part of the track.
  • Langada – Theologos
    You can for instance visit Theologos an early Byzantine church which is built on the site of an ancient temple. Further on you have the church of Stavros one of the loneliest places of Amorgos with an amazing view over the sea and a magical feeling.
  • Aegiali – Chora – The Monastery of Hozoviotissa
    You start in Aegiali in the north and walk on the ridge to the Monastery in the middle of the island, the best is to walk one way and then take the bus back.
The Monastery of Hozoviotissa Amorgos Cyclades GreeceAmorgos has several interesting ancient sites, monasteries and churches. The most famous sight on Amorgos is “The hanging Monastery” Hozoviotissa.

  • Tholaria – Ancient Vigla
    Vigla was the acropolis of ancient Aegialis and the biggest sculpture of the Cycladic Age was found in this area. The site is situated just next to the village Tholaria.
  • The Monastery of Hozoviotissa
    This remarkable monastery is the pride of Amorgos and the second oldest in Greece built in 1017 and renovated 1088. It is literally hanging on the cliff side 300 m above the sea. Hozoviotissa is the home of the famous icon Virgin Mary which every year is carried around to all the villages on the island. On November 21st there is a festival celebrating the saints day with food and sweets offered to visitors made by the residents of Amorgos. They have now reopened the museum which is very interesting and nicely made.
  • Theologos
    An early Byzantine church a one and half hour’s walk from Langada in the north part of Amorgos. It is built on the site of an ancient temple in beautiful surroundings. Twice a year – May 8th & September 26th are the festivals of Theologos for the name day.
  • Ancient Minoa
    The Ancient site of Minoa just above Katapola was one of the most important centers of human life and activity on the island throughout prehistoric times. The 5th century BC ruins were originally the summer residence of Cretan king Minos.
  • Ancient Arkesini
    The tower of Agia Triada is from 4th century BC and is the most important ancient monument on Amorgos. Even though the tower is half ruined it still dominates the plain standing beside the church with the same name. It is built from four large cornered blocks and protected the large rural population and the fertile expanses of the area.
  • The Archaeological Museum – Chora
    The museum is located in Chora and housed in a traditional old mansion known as Sala tou Gavra (“Hall of Gavras”). The museum contains some interesting pieces excavated on the island including remnants of the Minoan civilisation which existed here more than 4000 years ago. On the ground floor there are architectural finds from the Hellenistic, Roman and Early Christian periods plus marbles of Cycladic culture.
Levrossos Beach Amorgos Cyclades GreeceAmorgos is surrounded by crystal clear blue and turquoise sea with a lot of nice beaches. The waters of Amorgos gave the name to the movie “The big blue”.

  • Aegiali Beach
    A long sandy beach in the middle of Aegiali bay on the north part of Amorgos island. The beach has shade under the trees and shallow water suited for small children.
  • Levrossos Beach
    The beach is the closest to our accommodation and is one of the nicest in the area. There is a possible to go by the small transfer boat from Aegiali port every 20 minutes during high season or by car, the parking is 200 m from the beach. From here you can also walk further on to 2 smaller beaches Psiliamos or Xoklakas, no facilities.
  • Agios Pavlos Beach
    Pebble beach in the north part of the island 5 km from Aegiali bay. The water is calm and clear and it’s a good fishing spot. You can also take one of the small transfer boats that leaves every hour to Nikouria island with its 3 sandy beaches.
  • Agia Anna Beach
    The pebbly beach is just down from the monastery of Hozoviotissa outside Chora. You can go there by car or walk about 30-40 minutes down from the monastery. Agia Anna offers you deep blue and crystal clear water. This is the famous beach of Amorgos where scenes of the movie “Big Blue” have been filmed.
  • Mouros Beach
    Mourou is an amazing pebble beach beyond everyone’s expectations, situated near the villages of Vroutsi. The waters are crystal clear and you can discover the underwater caves in the far end of the beach by swimming.
    On top of the mountain beside the parking is a taverna and cafe/bar with fantastic view over the archipelagos.
  • Kalotaritissa Beach
    Kalotaritissa beach is a fairly long beach located in the southern portion of Amorgos Island and you reach it by car. It’s a charming little bay with sandy beach and a numerous of fishing boats are anchored here.
    There is one small beach cafe on the far end of the beach.